Dear Collector:

For Valentine's Day, Madame Alexander's dolls bring to us everything we have come to associate with this holiday-roses, "diamonds," lots of pink and red, and and most importantly, that heart quickening feeling that comes with "Love At First Sight." This passionate feeling for a doll, unlike some other passions, is one that endures and brings excitement throughout the years.

After you have found a doll that you love, please read the "How To Order" Page for information on methods of payment, shipping costs and how to place an order. 

Another full catalogue of 50 dolls will be coming in April so please check the website for the exact date and time.

We hope this collection of 24 dolls will excite you and bring you joy, after all Madame Alexander prided herself with the slogan that her dolls were "Made With Love."

Best Wishes,